MPOD Micro-1 Crate

The Mpod micro-1 crate is the smallest and low cost option for the WIENER multi-channel high and low voltage power supply system. The Mpod micro mainframe can house 1 plug-in low or high voltage modules. The integrated Mpod controller card provides10/100 Ethernet, CAN bus and USB-2 interfaces.

High voltage modules are available with 8 up to 48 channels in the voltage range of 500V ... 20kV. All low voltage modules have 8 channels with a maximum of 50W / channel in different voltage ranges. All HV and LV channels are individually controlled and monitored.

The new re-designed chassis provides imrpoved mechanical construction together with better cooling air flow and allows optionally local display and control.

Main Features

  • 19" x 1.5U micro bin with module cage for 1 LV or HV modules, with built-in low noise primary power supply and front  to rear ventilation fans 
  • New, redesigned mechanics with side to side air flow and integrated air filter
  • Up to 48 HV channels HV possible /  8 channels low voltage per chassis
  • MPOD controller with Ethernet, USB and CAN-bus interface
  • Optional local control with display
  • 19" x 1.5U micro bin with module cage for 1 LV or HV module, can be used as desktop, micro tower or rack mountable 
  • 1 slot for modules, LV and / or HV modules
  • New, redesigned mechanics for 19" rack or table top operation
  • Up to 48 channels high voltage possible, ISEG EHS/EDS/EBS modules with 8 … 48 channels in a range of 500V up to 20kV, floating or common ground
  • Up to 8 channels low voltage per chassis, WIENER MPV 8xxx series 8-channel low voltage modules in 0...8V up to 0....120V ranges
  • built in primary power supply (600W LV, 100W HV), low noise and ripple
  • integrated cooling fan, with side to side air flow and integrated air filter
  • Optional with display and local control
  • Mpod controller card with Ethernet 10/100, CAN-bus and USB-2 interfaces, Interlock connector, optional with ISEG CC24 controller (linux OS with iCS web service, EPIC's IOC, OPC and SNMP)
  • Integrated web-server and TCP/IP communication via SNMP, OPC server, DHCP capable
  • 94V – 265V world-wide auto-range AC input, with power factor correction, CE-conformity
  • Dimensions: 19” (482mm)  x 1.5U (178mm) x 480mm [whd], weight: ca. 10 kg
Type  Graphic display  local control Slots Primary  HV-power Output position Backplane supports
Mpod  Micro-1 No 1 300W Front / Rear HV/LV
Mpod  Micro-1-LX Yes 1 300W Front / Rear HV/LV
Mpod  Micro-1-HV No 1 300W Front / Rear HV
Mpod  Micro-1-HV-LX YES 1 300W Front / Rear HV
Mpod  Micro-1-LV No 1 - Front / Rear LV
Mpod  Micro-1-LV-LX Yes 1 - Front / Rear LV


Rated mains input range 106- 230VAC ± 15% (90...265VAC)
Rated input current Sinusoidal 16A for suffix H input, 32A for suffix K input
Inrush current: limited to rated input current (cold unit)
Input fuse: external, internal on request
Isolation (Inp.- outp.) CE EN 60950, ISO 380, VDE 0805, UL 1950, C22.2.950
DC output power:  600 ... <3000W (92 …265VAC)


EMC Compatibility    
EMA. EN 61 000-6-3:2001 [RF emission]
  EN 55 022:1998 + Corr:2001 + A1:2000  Class B conducted noise
  EN 55 022:1998+ Corr:2001 + A1:2000  Class B radiated noise
  EN 61 000-3-2:2001 harmonics
  EN 61 000-3-3:1995 +Corr:1997 +A1:2001 flicker
EMB EN 61 000-6-2:2001  [immunity]
  EN 61 000-4-6:1996 + A1:2001 injected HF currents
  EN 61 000-4-3:1996 + A1:1998 + A2:2001 radiated HF fields  incl. ”900MHz”
  EN 61 000-4-4:1995 + A1:2001 Burst
  EN 61 000-4-5:1995 + A1:2001 Surge
  EN 61 000-4-11:1994 + A1:2000 voltage variations
  EN 61 000-4-2:1995 + A1:1998 + A2:2001 ESD


Operation temperature:  0… 50°C  ambient without derating,  Storage:-30°C ... +85°C  
Temperature coefficient: < 0,2% / 10K  
Stability:  10mV or 0,1%  /  24 hours, 25mV or 0,3%  /   6 month  
  (under constant conditions)  
Current limits: adjustable to any lower level   
Voltage rise characteristics:  monotonic 50ms, processor controlled.   
Overvoltage protection: crow bar protection trip off adjusted to 125% of nominal voltage  each output
DC Off (trip off):   within 5ms if >5% deviation from adjusted nominal values,
after overload, overheat, overvoltage, undervoltage (bad status),
and fan fail, if temperatures exceed 125°C at heat sinks
Limits programmable. Outputs discharged by crow bars, when power supply tripped- or switched Off. 
Efficiency: 75% ... 85%, depends on used modules    
M F O T (Maintenance Free Operation Time):  
internal blowers: 40°C ambient  >65 000 h 
  25°C ambient  100 000 h
electronics: 40°C ambient  >100 000 h


Product Data Sheet  
MPOD Micro-1 Crate: Print Product Data Sheet


Manual and Tech-Notes : MPOD
Introduction: WIENER_Power_Supplies_intro


MUSEcontrol : Download
SNMP: Download
OPC-Server: Download
USB-to-IP: Download
Programming Tool (display): Download
Firmware MPOD: Download


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