For more than 50 years W-IE-NE-R has followed its tradition of developing new technologies in advanced electronics for the benefit of science and industry. In the half century between 1959 when the company was founded by Hans Wiener and now our staff members created an impressive line of highly sophisticated products with innovative spirit and technical excellence.

From the beginning W-IE-NE-R worked closely with nuclear physics laboratories. As a result development and production of NIM crates and electronics started in the 1980's.  CAMAC modules and crates came in addition, followed by FASTBUS, VME and VXI, VME64x, VIPA and today's high-speed switched fabric technologies. Furthermore, W-IE-NE-R began to specialize in custom high quality multi-channel power supplies for medium and high power applications.

W-IE-NE-R crates and power supplies are known to provide the highest possible power output combined with lowest noise and are built with highest quality. Featuring modular construction and incorporating a unique level of local and remote diagnostic and control tools, W-IE-NE-R products are state of the art and often are used as design reference.  All our products meet the requirements of the leading research centers around the world.  We produce in accordance with ISO-Quality standards and CE rules.

The CERN LHC activities led to the development of new radiation hard and magnetic field tolerant power supplies and special VME- and other crates. Since 2006 W-IE-NE-R shipped about 2000 VME crates and power supplies, standard and radiation-hard versions, for the CERN LHC experiments.

After 1992 the company operated as "W-IE-NE-R, Plein & Baus GmbH" under the ownership of Manfred Plein and Jürgen Baus and became an internationally distinguished supplier for electronic instrumentation for Particle Physics and related science with a worldwide operating sales and service network.

The USA sales and support center "W-IE-NE-R, Plein & Baus, Corp." was established 1997 in Ohio in order to service the North American market.

In 2008 the W-IE-NE-R companies became subsidiaries of the Phoenix Mecano AG, a Swiss based global player in the components, packaging and electronics market. Phoenix Mecano components and enclosures are found in German high speed trains as well as in Airbus airplanes. They are used in the automotive industry, the home and hospital care sector and in all areas of the machine and electronics industry.

Future synergies with our sister company Hartmann Elektronik, a specialist for bus backplanes, as well as with other companies of the Phoenix Mecano group will benefit development and production of new technologies. In this path W-IE-NE-R will continue to serve the scientific research community and industry customers with excellent, high quality and state-of-the-art electronic instrumentation, chassis and power supplies.

We invite you to browse our web site and catalog and look at our products. Please contact us or one of our representatives in Europe or Overseas if you are interested in our products.

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