The WIENER MARATON (MAgnetism and RAdiation TOlerant New) is a highest density, low noise, floating low voltage power supply system for use in hostile magnetic /radiation environments. The MARATON-Series has been designed for the CERN LHC experiments to power lowest noise electronics with medium to high currents (10A to 600A current range) over long distances in sensed ore impedance controlled mode.

Dynamic behavior is foreseen to set internally for short or long sensed distances.

Radiation hardness was tested up to 14krad / 5,6 x 1012n/cm2 / 3 x 1012p/cm2  and magnetic field tolerance up to 1300G.  Available input options are  385 VDC or 230/400VAC (47-440Hz). Depending on the magnetic field air or water cooling can be choosen.

Different versions for moderate or hazardous hostile environment are available.

The following MARATON Systems are available:


Universal multi-channel low and high voltage power supply system, see here.

Introduction into high and low voltage power supplies

Download introduction into use of power supplies for physics.


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