NIM and CAMAC Power Supplies

NIM and CAMAC crates require very clean and stable DC supplies with the standard voltages +24V / -24V, +12V / -12V and +6V / -6V.

Consequently CERN defined compatible power supplies for both standards within their NIM and CAMAC specs., i.e. CERN spec. power supplies can be used on both types of crates. All "CE" version power supplies are outfitted wth separate AC wiring to comply with CE/UL safety standards.

WIENER provides high precision & lowest noise linear regulated NIM & CAMAC power supplies up to 650W DC power as well as microprocessor controlled low-noise switching supplies with up to 1900W output power.


IMbox / NEMbox FPGA based NIM modules with USB interface, and power adaptors, see here.

Introduction into NIM standard.

Download introduction into the NIM & CAMAC standards


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