PG500 Series – Bipolar Magnet PS

Power supplies for conventional or superconducting magnets are usually low or medium voltage, high current units with power between a few W to hundred of kW.

Depending on the application either a true bipolar current output, i.e. a power supply that is able to ramp continuously from full negative current to full positive current, or a polarity switching at zero crossing may be needed.

In order to achieve high precision magnet operation there are extremely high requirements for the resolution of current setting and measurement, in particular the stability and reproducibility. Magnet power supplies should have low noise DC outputs, especially in the low frequency range. Due to the large impedance of the magnet, the high frequency noise of the power supply is often less important than the stability, or long term drift of the current.

For integration into the beam line controls system remote monitoring and control of the power supply in addition to local operation is often required.

Wiener has developed a high precision FET current controlled bipolar power supply. Primary powered with a high efficient low noise switching power supply the full bridge bipolar FET current regulator is feed only with minimum necessary voltage. That keeps the unit cool and dimensions low.

The following bipolar Power Supply Systems are available:


Universal multi-channel low and high voltage power supply system, see here.

Introduction into high and low voltage power supplies

Download introduction into use of power supplies for physics.


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