PL500 Series

The WIENER PL500 is a high density, low noise, floating low voltage power supply system. The PL500-Series has been designed  to power lowest noise electronics with medium to high currents (10A to 500A current/channel range) over long distances in voltage or current controlled mode. Operating in either un-sensed or sensed mode the dynamic behavior can be set internally or by software for short, medium or long distances.

Voltages, currents, temperatures and output power are controlled by internal processor and illegal modes as well as failure will be detected.

An alphanumeric monitor for data and diagnostic with programming switch board can be integrated optionally. The unit can be programmed and monitored remotely via CANbus (PL508) and Ethernet (PL506 / PL508 / PL512).

The following Power Supply Systems are available:


Universal multi-channel low and high voltage power supply system, see here.

Introduction into high and low voltage power supplies

Download introduction into use of power supplies for physics.


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