Powered Crates

WIENER supplies industry and research with powered crates since 1959. Working with Nuclear and High Energy Physics research a complete catalog line of chassis for common standards as NIM, CAMAC, all VME varieties, VXI and cPCI was developed.

These crates are modular constructed to allow an easy replacement of parts like fan tray or power supply. Combining superior designed mechanic chassis with high quality, low noise power supplies and a high level of integrated diagnostic and monitoring circuits W-IE-NE-R crates are state of the art of electronic packaging.

In addition to the standard crate lines listed W-IE-NE-R is specialized in providing customer specified crates. Taking advantage of the modular design of all crate components, modifications and special versions can be produced without significant increases in price and delivery time. Please see the custom spec. crate section for examples and contact us for technical discussion and request for pricing.

WIENER Catalog Crate line.

Modular, high performance chassis with microprocessor control and low noise power supplies – the standard for Physics research labs worldwide.

Special and custom spec. Crates.

Special designs for CERN-LHC, Jefferson Lab, SNS and other laboratories and fully custom spec. crates.

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