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WIENER products are designed towards highest reliability and maximum operation time. All products are covered by a 3 years warranty on parts and labor (1 year standard warranty for all special order / non catalog items and radiation-tolerant as well as conduction cooled products). After this warranty period extended service plans can be purchased or paid repair service is available.

Please note that any shipment to the factory has to be paid for by the owner/user. In case of warranty repairs WIENER will return the unit free of charge.

Support Request:

In case of technical questions or problems with WIENER products please contact your contact your sales agent or our company directly by phone, e-mail or through this web-site.

Repair of defective products

For return of defective products for service and maintenance please use our automated on-line RMA system. Each item should be registered and assigned a RMA number before shipment to WIENER. Please attach a copy of the confirmation e-mail or a print-out of the web confirmation page with every product return to the factory. The status of a repair can be checked online by providing RMA and serial number.

WIENER Bug Tracker

The WIENER bug tracking system allows to report software / firmware bugs and fail functions and provides a possibility to follow up on the status of the reported issues . WIENER is using this system to track, assign, and resolve product bugs and also to define improvements in a fast and efficient way.
Currently the following bug trackers are available:

Discontinued Products

Due to obsolete components and in case of new developments existing products can be discontinued without further notice. In case a WIENER product is not shown in the product section of the current web-site or latest catalog it may have been discontinued.

WIENER is perfoming service for discontinued products as long as spare parts are available. Technical information as manuals, tech notes, software and firmware files may be still available on the the WIENER file server .

Please contact our service team or the local representative in case of questions about discontinued products.

WIENER File server

WIENER File Server.

This download section provides documentation, software as well as firmware updates for WIENER products.

User Forum

WIENER Bug Tracker

Please report bugs and check status at  WIENER - general products"


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